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Hi there!

I hope that we have matched on something that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about, and that this letter provides some useful prompt ideas. I hope that they can double for fic and for art, but please let me know if you need art prompts refined at all. I've left anon on for this purpose.

In general, I gravitate towards gen that heavily feature world building, politics, close friendships, mythology, and the ethics of governance and war. I'm always interested in seeing characters navigate tricky situations no matter the plot, and I adore playing around with story format. If you enjoy epistolary fic, scrapbook stories, twitter fic, or play around with how the text is being transcribed, I can only encourage you to go for it.

In terms of do not wants here, I'd like to request no smut, no AUs, and no porn. Canonical level violence, sexuality, etc. is perfectly fine. (Note: This is ESPECIALLY true for Penny Dreadful.)

I'm okay with romance - although I will say that I find romance much more compelling when it goes beyond ‘this couple is in love’ and get into how the people involved in the relationship interact with each other on a daily basis. Seeing how they interact, if their relationship is built on gently teasing each other, working towards goals, or small acts of kindness that demonstrate their romance is a lot more interesting to me, since it provides an opportunity to explore the character's relationship with themselves as well as with the other person.

By and large, I've tried to offer both trick and treat options below, and have tried to specify my preferences where they exist. If you get stumped, but think you have something that might fit the idea of what I’m after but not match up to the request exactly, then by all means, please write it.

Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms
Grand Order Group: Alexander | Rider (Fate/Grand Order), Zhuge Kongming | Caster
Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Group: Flat Escardos, Gray (Lord El-Melloi II Case Files) Reines El-Melloi Archisorte, Waver Velvet
Fate/ is really big, so I’ve tried to group my categories into two character groups. I really enjoy Waver as a character and the people that associate with him, in part because of Waver’s grumpiness but also because his personality still wants to change and to be worthy of Iskandar even as mage life continues to be a daily grind.

Note: Not every character listed here has to be included.

Grand Order Group trick: I’d love to see the changed dynamics between Alexander and Zhuge Kongming/Waver in some dangerous situations. After all, Waver’s the big one here, and his life and experiences are now much different than tiny Iskandar’s. The setting can be anywhere, as I’m sure that between this letter going up and reveals, there will be another event in /Grand Order!
Grand Order Group treat: On the flipside, seeing these two when there are no stakes at all would be lovely too. A day out, a ridiculous argument, anything that can show that dynamic and how it has changed.
Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Group trick: I guess most of Case Files counts as a “trick” but I’d love to see the gang exposed to lower stakes just as much as high ones. I mostly am interested in this group because of the dynamics at play (Waver’s paternal instincts towards Gray; Flat being the Most Annoying; Reines’ tendency to flop between sibling or patron with Waver and then genuinely look after Gray) and how much they bounce off of each other when the pressure is on. This can be a proper case Waver’s taking up, a new problem in Clock Tower politics, something just weird happening, anything!
Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Group treat: Likewise, the dynamics described above are also ones I’m interested in seeing in low stakes. How everyone interacts on a day to day basis is just as interesting to me as elaborate adventures, and I’d love to peek into those moments.

Hello From the Magic Tavern (Podcast)
Arnie Niekamp (Hello From the Magic Tavern), Chunt the Shapeshifter (Hello From the Magic Tavern), Pizza Skull (Hello From the Magic Tavern), Usidore the Blue (Hello From the Magic Tavern)
Hello from the Magic Tavern is the best part of Mondays for me. The show has consistently been one of my favourite things to listen to because of the main trio’s chemistry, and how well they roll with guests and world building. Foon is ever expanding, and I’m very glad for it. Also I cannot get over the mere existence and concept of Pizza Skull.

Note: Not every character listed here has to be included.

Treat: I’d very much prefer for the fic here to fall squarely into the treat category. I’m not interested in the show for darkness (the Dark Lord notwithstanding) and would love to see what life is like for the trio off microphone - be it actual seasonal spookiness, wandering around Hogsface, or whatever else strikes your fancy.

Penny Dreadful
Ethan Chandler, Ferdinand Lyle, Sir Malcolm Murray, Vanessa Ives

Penny Dreadful ended up being one of my favourite shows not just because I am an utter sucker for Victorian monster mashes, but because all of the talents involved in the show made it a pure, over the top joy to watch. The production values also contributed to that, but more than anything else, I fell in love with how the characters interconnected through all three seasons. There still are many stories to tell in this world, I feel, and I’d love to see some of them here.

Note: Not every character listed here has to be included, and feel free to draw on the canon’s large ensemble!

Trick and Treat: It’s Penny Dreadful, I don’t think that it is possible to separate one from the other here. What I’m interested in is other monsters of London that might have been encountered by the characters in their past or, if you’re inclined to ignore the finale, in the future. In particular, Mr. Lyle’s encounters in Egypt spring to mind - what’s a monster mash without a mummy? - but there’s so many others too. I’d love to see a take on Spring Heeled Jack, ghosts and/or hauntings, the Invisible Man, or anything else that would be interesting to you.

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