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Dear writer,

Hi! I hope that we have matched on something that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about, and that this letter provides some useful prompt ideas. My goal in writing them is that they can double for fic and for art (I am OK with both!) but please let me know if you need art prompts refined at all.

In general, I gravitate towards gen that heavily feature world building, politics, close friendships, and mythology. I'm a big fan of giving everyone a tricky situation to navigate their way out of with a combination of smarts and force, and I like playing around with how a piece is told. If you enjoy writing epistolary fic, scrapbook stories, and similar formats, then please go absolutely wild. I love those formats.

In terms of do not wants here, I'd like to request no smut, no AUs, and no porn. Canonical level violence, sexuality, etc. is perfectly fine.

I'm okay with romance - although I will say that I find romance much more compelling when it goes beyond ‘this couple is in love’ and get into how the people involved in the relationship interact with each other on a daily basis. Seeing how they interact, if their relationship is built on gently teasing each other, working towards goals, or small acts of kindness that demonstrate their romance is a lot more interesting to me, since it provides an opportunity to explore the character's relationship with themselves as well as with the other person.

By and large, I've tried to offer both trick and treat options below, and have tried to specify my preferences where they exist. (Especially with regards to Bartimaeus.) If you get stumped, but think you have something that might fit the idea of what I’m after but not match up to the request exactly, then by all means, please write it.

Bartimaeus - Jonathan Stroud
Bartimaeus (Bartimaeus) Kitty Jones Nathaniel (Bartimaeus) Ptolemy (Bartimaeus) Faquarl (Bartimaeus)
Note: Not every character listed here has to be included.
Trick/Treat: This is the only fandom I haven't been able to neatly divide into trick or treat, so please stick with me. In requesting this fandom, a lot of my interest lies around October and general spooky themes are handled within the world of Bartimaeus in general. If Halloween exists, I'd love to know how popular understanding of demons fit in. Did the witch trials of the early modern period happen in the world of Bartimaeus (both within Europe and within the US such as Salem)? How have the presence of spirits like Bartimaeus altered that world's understanding of spooky stories? Scary movies? I'd love any and all takes on this with any combination of characters!

Castlevania (Cartoon)
Any Character
Note: Not every character listed here has to be included.
Trick: So, this trio. This trio is an absolute delight to me, and it strikes me that there is no way that they do not run into horrors beyond imagining as they move forward to stop Dracula and his rage inferno. I'd love to get into any of their scarier encounters, or points of conflict that have revealed themselves over time and travel.
Treat: Likewise, the personality clashes present have endless comedy potential too. Stupid stuff done and Trevor's general reactions would be great. I'm also familiar and a fan of Warren Ellis' other works like Transmetropolitan, and so allusions to other pieces are very welcome.

Fate/stay night & Fandoms Connected to the Original
Reines El-Melloi Archisorte (LEM) Grey (LEM) Flat Escardos (LEM) Waver Velvet (Fate/stay night & Related Fandoms)
Note: Not every character listed here has to be included.

Trick: I guess most of Case Files counts as a “trick” but I’d love to see the gang exposed to lower stakes just as much as high ones. I mostly am interested in this group because of the dynamics at play (Waver’s paternal instincts towards Gray; Flat being the Most Annoying; Reines’ tendency to flop between sibling or patron with Waver and then genuinely look after Gray) and how much they bounce off of each other when the pressure is on. This can be a proper case Waver’s taking up, a new problem in Clock Tower politics, something just weird happening, anything!
Treat: Likewise, the dynamics described above are also ones I’m interested in seeing in low stakes. How everyone interacts on a day to day basis is just as interesting to me as elaborate adventures, and I’d love to peek into those moments.

Hello From the Magic Tavern (Podcast)
Note: Not every character listed here has to be included.
Any Character
Treat: I’d very much prefer for material here to fall squarely into the treat category (the dark lord is still invited though). Since today's episode (A Short One) introduced what the gang's like off mike, I'd be totally cool with more time spent with them with seasonal spookienss, wandering around Hogsface, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Otherwise - maybe we should explain Earth stuff, like Halloween itself. Go with what feels best and strikes you the most.

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