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Dear Writer:

Hi! I hope that we have matched on something that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about drawing or writing, and that this letter provides some useful prompt ideas. I am totally fine with both art and fic!

By and large, I love seeing what draws two people close together, how they handle adversity, and what adventures they have in their spare time. I'm always interested in seeing characters navigate tricky situations no matter the plot, and I adore playing around with story format. If you enjoy writing epistolary fic, scrapbook stories, twitter fic and the like, pleasefeel free to do so.

In terms of do not wants, I only request that there are no AUs, and if something in canon is expressedly within the realm of friendship, that relationship remain that way. Canonical levels of violence, sexuality, and bad things happening is perfectly fine.

If you need any prompts refined for art purposes, please feel free to ask here. I've turned anon on. Thanks so much!

ロード・エルメロイⅡ世の事件簿 | Lord El-Melloi II Case Files
Any and all
I love the Case Files for a lot of reasons, but at this point, it's for the characters. Beyond Waver as an adult, Gray is an absolutely lovely character, Reines is terrifying and I appreciate her ability to own Waver's ass, and Flat continues to exist.

As such, I'd love any kind of story about the nominated characters in any grouping. It can range from actual mysteries, or the more day-to-day life that they experience as magi and as Londoners. In particular I'd love to see Reines interact with Waver's other students, more down time between Gray and Waver and what that relationship is like, how Waver and Reines got to the place where they are in the Case Files, or anything else that strikes your fancy.

The novels are in translation and available here.

The Epic of Gilgamesh
Any and all
I have always been interested in the character of Shamhat in relationship to both Enkidu and Gilgamesh. She poofs out so early on in the Epic, and I wonder what other stories she might feature in along with these two dumb boys. I doubt that she was out of their lives forever. While this might lend towards action or adventure, an intimate portrait of Uruk's daily life would also be amazing.

Epic of Gilgamesh online

Bartimaeus - Jonathan Stroud
Rosanna Lutyens & Nathaniel (Bartimaeus) Rosanna Lutyens & Martha Underwood (Bartimaeus)
One of the things that I have always found intriguing was the way magicians are brought up within the London of the Bartimaeus novels. It is absolutely upsetting of course, but it also begs the question of how normal is Nathaniel's attitude in comparison to other young magicians? Have the Underwoods shared and compared experiences? Has Rosanna seen more children similar to Nathaniel, or are they mostly different? I'd really like to see these questions explored.

You can get the Bartimaeus books from your local library or wherever you purchase books

Any and all

Archer of Black (Chiron) & Rider of Black (Astolfo): Chiron is an excellent horse, and Astolfo is simply too sweet with too big a heart. I love that we have seen more of them as the novels have gone on, and the contrast in personalities make for a striking partnership. I would love to see them interact more, either on adventures or just shooting the shit within their faction during downtime, or even Astolfo asking questions about being a centaur. (And he probably has questions.)

Kairi Shishigou & Saber of Red (Mordred): These two! This little gremlin and her master! I love everything about these two, that they're the weird inverse of Kiritisugu and Saber, that Saber is just direct and forward, that Kairi is a nerd, that I'd love anything about them. Weird side adventures in Trifas, the sharing of personal stories, anything that illustrates the bond that they have with each other.

Rider of Red (Achilles) & Archer of Red (Atalanta): What I like about these two is how after being romantically rebuffed by Atalanta, Achilles just rolls with it and keeps hanging around. What I'd be interested in is seeing them interact and discuss the past, since they're from the same mythology. Would they have heard of each other and been contemporaries? If so, what did they think of each other? Or going back to the time of Troy, is there another story to be told?

The Fate/apocrypha novels are here. The anime will not be in the US until November, but you can illegally find it.

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