Jul. 17th, 2016

megkips: (Bad Decision Dinosaur)
Dear Writer:

Hi! I hope that we have matched on something that you’re genuinely enthusiastic about drawing or writing, and that this letter provides some useful prompt ideas. I am totally fine with both art and fic!

By and large, I love seeing what draws two people close together, how they handle adversity, and what adventures they have in their spare time. I'm always interested in seeing characters navigate tricky situations no matter the plot, and I adore playing around with story format. If you enjoy writing epistolary fic, scrapbook stories, twitter fic and the like, pleasefeel free to do so.

In terms of do not wants, I only request that there are no AUs, and if something in canon is expressedly within the realm of friendship, that relationship remain that way. Canonical levels of violence, sexuality, and bad things happening is perfectly fine.

If you need any prompts refined for art purposes, please feel free to ask here. I've turned anon on. Thanks so much!

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